CME Program Conducted Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) - A Challenge to Overcome, on 29 Aug 2017
Pharmacovigilance (PV) is the science relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug related problem. It helps in educating doctors about ADR (adverse drug reaction) awareness and its prevention. ADR is the 5th most common cause of hospital death. More than 5% of hospital admissions are due to ADRs. Nearly 6% of hospital patients suffer from ADRs.

ADR is a major public health concern in Indian scenario. Polypharmacy, substandard drugs, medication errors, drug abuse, drug interaction, irrational FDCs (fixed dose combinations) & over the counter drug, are some of the major reason of ADRs in India. Lack of awareness and ignorance of ADR reporting among Health care professional is further aggravating the scenario.

In spite of more than half a million doctors, underreporting of ADR is a major concern in India. Lack of appropriate ADR data, makes it difficult to take necessary regulatory action and policy making for rational usage of drug. A country as big and as diverse as India, where majority of population lives in rural areas; proper ADR reporting will help to address above concern.

With this background in mind; the present CME will be an attempt to spread more awareness of ADR & its reporting among health care professionals in rural areas of Telangana.